Unique tours provide Islamic tours and excursions specialising in Umrah and Hajj. The company is led by two experienced tour guides who are qualified Imams. Our vision is not only to take our customers for tours but ensure that they have unique and spiritual experiences. Our aim is to ensure customers have the best experience of their life and they return from their journey revitalised and full of unique and ever lasting memories. Along with guiding, we ensure customers are educated, spiritually uplifted, transformed into a better person and develop a strong bond with their creator.  



Subject to request packages are tailored to the needs of the customers to visit religious or recreational location in Islamic countries in various parts of the world.


Provision for short or long tours to the 3rd holiest site in Islam can be facilitated. These visits enable our customers to visit historical sites within the boundaries of the holy sites including beyond.


Annual Hajj arrangements are provided with shifting and non shifting packages suiting every budget. One of the Imams of Unique Tours will accompany the group from the start to finsh covering every phase of the journey.


Group services are provided during winter and spring seasons led by one of the Imams of Unique Tours. 3*/5* packages are available including bespoke packages to your needs. Individual family or group packages are also available with very competitive costs

Our Packages

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I was very pleased with my experience with unique tours, not only are both moulanas knowledgeable but they impart this knowledge in a fun and engaging way. They are both fathers so they saw things from our perspectives as parents and were very helpful with the children and put them at ease.

Umrah 2017/18

I was unable to go to Hajj with my parents and left them in the hands of the Imams. Their needs were looked after and they were taken good care of. My mum said regarding the Imams that she felt like she went to hajj with her own sons. May Allah make Unique Tours successful in tis world and the hereafter

Muhammed Yaqub
Hajj 2013

Alhamdulillah me and my family really enjoyed our experience with unique tours... you and moulana yusuf done a brilliant job ... We have shared our stories and experience with our families ... we are already thinking of going back again ..

ham 2017 dece Umrah

Assalamu Alaikum Moulana Saab I would like to thank you and Moulana Yousuf on behalf of myself my wife and kids. We all had wonderful and enlightening experience. We went as part of a group because we wanted the guidance of a scholar who would be knowledgeable yet approachable so if we had any questions we could ask freely. Mash Allah you delivered on all aspects. I would wholeheartedly recommend Unique Tours to any one that mentions Hajj or Umrah to me or my wife in the future. Once again thank you and please remember us in your duas.

Ashik Miah
Umrah 2017